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Revamping Camping

March 16, 2015

5 Reasons Camping is Cool Again

1) It saves you money!
Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a vacation that won’t stop spend after arrival, have a better idea of your budget and don’t spend any more money once you’ve reached your destination. Camping is great because the only things required to pay for are the lot, transportation and food. Most of us have everything else we need or can borrow from friends and neighbours.

2) You have to book in advance much like a regular vacation
Believe it or not, camping is more popular than you think. Some campsites start requiring booking up to a year in advance. For those of you who love exclusive vacations – camping is the way to go, without breaking the budget! Tip: don’t go on long weekends to avoid heavy traffic and bumped up prices.

Check out this link to all of Alberta’s best campsites as well as their rates.

3) Events & festivals have made camping a part of their package deals

For those of us travelling with our friends: check out local festivals and concerts that have campground deals to go along with the tickets. These are great opportunities to avoid paying high-cost hotel room prices. Some of these festivals are 4 days long, and include our favorite artists. Squamish, Craven, Big Valley Jamboree and Centre of Gravity are just a few examples.

4) Great for healthy living and lifestyles

Most campsites are surrounded by hiking paths and trails to keep your outdoorsy spirit alive and well. Check for lakes and free sporting areas/equipment at certain campgrounds as well. Not only is it great for us to spend time outside in our short but sweet summers, it’s a great chance for your kids to avoid technology if only for a few days.

5) You don’t have to go to Mexico to do all of your favorite vacation activities
Let me guess. You want a tan, beach, good food, and a chance to read your book. Try to avoid the all-inclusive costs by going to a lake to camp. We can do all that but even better, because it is barbecued food, and you didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg or a day at the airport to get there.

Not looking to go anywhere, but still want the outdoor-experience?
Camp in your backyard.

A tradition many of us have experienced with our parents, but now passed on to us to try with our friends and family. Gather a group of people, ask them to bring something to eat (potluck style), plan for a game of kick the can, and make sure you have scary stories and s’mores to share.

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