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Free Financial Seminar on Tackling Debt for Albertans on April 9, 2014


Teaching your child about money and finances makes perfect cents.


Canadians' consumer debt swells to $1.4 trillion (An all-time high).


A healthy lifestyle now could make you wealthier in retirement


Keep Debt in Check with Organization

Make Debt a Thing of the Past

Debt doesn’t have to be a four-letter word. Whether you owe a little or are overwhelmed by a lot of debt, our services will help you improve your money management skills, become debt free, build a bright financial future and live a more stress-free life.


Get your finances in-line with Money Mentors' Online Courses

Credit Counselling

Credit Counselling

Sometimes you’re just a simple solution away from improving your financial situation. With insight and experience, our Money Mentors’ credit counsellors will teach you about your repayment and debt consolidation options. You’ll be debt-free sooner than you think. Find out more.

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14May 2014

FREE Financial Fitness Classes in Alberta

Break the Cycle: Spend Less and Save More

11Jun 2014

Upcoming Financial Fitness Classes

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